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We’re a team of earth moving, civil construction specialists helping shape the infrastructure of New Zealand.
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Our Story

Hick Bros began with a passion for moving dirt. Over the last 40 years, we've turned it into a science. Specialists in earthmoving, soil engineering, and civil construction, we understand New Zealand's geology. Our techniques are formed through collaboration, innovation, and sustainability. We’re a company who invests in our own and it’s always paid dividends.

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Our People

We’re always happy to upskill our crew so they can grow as we grow. Hence why we have a lot of pride in the team we’ve built. And we’re pretty sure that’s the reason heaps of them stick around year after year.

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We’ve moved dirt for decades, and we’d like to move dirt for decades more. Sustainability in our field is more than just a consideration – it’s a necessity. Our carbon footprint is top of mind in everything we do, and we're always looking for new ways to minimise it.

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Hick Bros is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. And that won’t be changing any time soon. From labourer to mechanic to supervisor to engineer, we pride ourselves on the fact that every role gives our employees the chance to evolve. Even our COO has spent some time on the shovels.

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Whether it be sponsoring grassroots rugby, or inviting the local kids to Digger Day, there’s no better feeling than immersing yourself into a new community. Which is why we’re always looking to get involved with our neighbours, no matter where the work takes us.

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Health & Safety

A healthy crew is a happy crew. Our worksites are all planned out and maintained to ensure everyone stays safe on the job. From the moment we all arrive, our number one priority is to ensure everyone gets back to their families at the end of the day.

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We are a hands-on team with a diverse and specialist skill set. Our knowledge of the industry helps us make a real difference in the community.