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Careers at Hick Bros

Hick Bros is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. And that won’t be changing any time soon. From labourer to mechanic to supervisor to engineer, we pride ourselves on the fact that every role gives our employees the chance to evolve. Even our COO has spent some time on the shovels. You’ll be working with and learning from some of the best in the industry who all have your progression in mind.

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Careers at Hick Bros

Why work for Hick Bros

We’re well known in the industry for looking after our own. But it’s not just the career development and training opportunities, or our competitive wages and salaries. Whether be in greenfields or brownfields, on land development, infrastructure or energy projects, we want to give you the chance to take responsibility and control of the projects you work on.

Vision, mission & Values

We want to be the leading provider of value-added engineering solutions on major infrastructure projects and land development throughout New Zealand. To get there, we ensure our services are safe, sustainable and ethical. We treat everything and everyone with integrity and respect. Most important of all, our work exceeds the highest standards.

Our Culture

We like to harbour a culture of, “Work hard, go far”. From getting down in the trenches to helping others finish their tasks, everyone in the company from the CEO down is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Our people

At Hick Bros, we’re pretty good at looking after our own. Everyone who works on the job is hired for their collaborative mentality. We encourage outside the box thinking, and we make sure everyone has the drive to keep up with innovation.

Our training

If you have a goal, we want to help you get there. No matter where you sit in the company, we are proud to say that we can offer training and education to ensure you can keep your skillset moving forward.

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Training and development

We invest in our staff because we’ve learnt that it pays dividends. As a company, we’re constantly assessing our operation and identifying which individuals can upskill to meet our needs. With the help of simulation technologies, we’ve created a framework of training to better the knowledge of our staff in a safe and controlled environment.

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Training and development

Who we're looking for

We are always looking to grow. That means we’re on the hunt for like-minded, skilled and experienced people to join the tight-knit team. Ideally you are:

✔️ Highly motivated, positive attitude and willingness to learn
✔️ Practical, logical and can think outside the box
✔️ Experienced in earthworks and/or civil construction
✔️ Experienced in operating or working around heavy machinery
✔️ Understand health & safety in earthworks/civils environment
✔️ Hands-on, not afraid to get boots dirty

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