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We do a whole lot more than just moving dirt around New Zealand

Civil Construction

Above ground, below ground, we do it all. We’re seasoned veterans at preparing the land for living. We can handle the waterways, both clean and waste, we can lay down the utilities, and build roads on top of them.

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We’ve turned moving dirt into an art form. Throughout the years, we’ve made a name for ourselves by being experts in clearing sites, erosion and sediment control, geotechnical improvements and understanding bulk earthworks.

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Keeping communities connected keeps us in business. We’ve had experience in everything from wind farms and geothermal stations, to arterial roads up and down the country.

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Value-added Engineering

The early bird gets the well-oiled project. We understand the importance of early involvement. Through our innovative technical specialists and ECI, we’re able to help predict the pathways early on in the piece.

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We’re always keen to work together. Our alliancing delivery model helps bring more opinions to the table so that we can understand the road ahead. We’re more than happy to share the risks, and the rewards with other contractors, clients and stakeholders.

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Our Projects

We’ve been in the game for a wee while. Our projects have spanned the country, countless environments, and different moments in time.

Have a look at what we’ve achieved to see how we can help you move forward.

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