LEAD Alliance – New Contract, New Name


A big day for continuing to deliver more homes and better communities for Auckland

Early afternoon on 1 August 2023 in Northcote on Auckland’s North Shore, the alliance and Kāinga Ora signed a contract to extend its alliance agreement for five years to December 2028. This will enable around 6,000 new homes, and up to $1bn of work to be delivered for Kāinga Ora large scale projects in Auckland - laying the groundwork for safe, resilient and attractive neighbourhoods.

The contract extension is a testament to the people involved over the past four and a half years, and what we have achieved through unprecedented times with partners across the city. The work is complex and challenging, taking place in a live brownfield environment among people's homes and streets.

And with the signing comes a new name! We are pleased to share that we will now be known as the LEAD Alliance. LEAD stands for Land Enablement and Delivery. We lead the design and construction of the infrastructure and enable the land for development. Our name is also a nod to the fact that we are the first to break ground in the neighbourhoods being revitalised. Including the word alliance is a powerful signifier of how we work – in collaboration to get the best results.

The new logo represents the coming together of the participants. The joining of the two Es to create six bars reflects the one owner: Kāinga Ora, and five non-owner participants: Hick Bros, Dempsey Wood, Harrison Grierson, Woods and Tonkin + Taylor.  

Auckland’s suburbs are being transformed. The city is undergoing the largest urban regeneration in New Zealand’s history. LEAD Alliance is proud to be playing a pivotal role in this transformative change.

To find out more about LEAD Alliance, visit: https://www.leadalliance.nz/ 

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