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In its quest for heightened sustainability, Hick Bros is turning to an innovative online platform revolutionizing resource management in construction. Embracing a circular and low-carbon approach, setting a forward-thinking standard for the construction industry.

As Hick Bros expands its construction services, the company recognizes the imperative to enhance its sustainability efforts. Turning to Mutu, an online platform found in the Circular Economy Directory, Hick Bros aims to optimize resource management for a circular and low-carbon construction sector.

Mutu serves as a comprehensive tool, allowing Hick Bros to register, track, and manage plant, equipment, and materials efficiently. This visibility reduces unnecessary purchases and automates asset management tasks, promoting sustainability. Mutu also facilitates the repurposing of surplus materials across job sites, saving costs, reducing waste, and redirecting over seven tonnes of carbon emissions. The platform's real-time dashboards provide actionable sustainability data, showcasing measurable initiatives for inclusion in the tendering process and fostering a culture of positive environmental impact within the company.

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